Other than having to wake up at an earthly hour, slipping off my vehicle (which has caused a rather painful abrasion on my right arm as well as a huge bruise on my right thigh) as well as a few not-so-pleasant calls in the afternoon, this has had to be one of the best days I’ve had since I’ve entered the army.

A PT where I got to be in control of what I wanted to exercise and at my own place, a day full of snacking on unhealthy junk, a more relaxing pace of work (as compared to the killer last few days) where I actually enjoyed the work I was doing and time passed pretty fast and a night off to have a filling, tasty dinner with mum at home.

It’s too bad this is probably one of the last times it’ll be like this. I have a huge feeling that my current situation is not going to remain so current anymore. But anyway, like what everyone has been telling me, I’ll just enjoy it to the best I can while it lasts.

Oh yeah and people! Comment! Don’t make me feel like I’m blogging to a non-existent readership (although that might well be the case but hey, gotta be optimistic yeah?) leh!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    ok um, your blog is soo tootally awesome! supposed to be mugging but i’m slacking off so much its insane. bye bye good grades i guess. but i finish on the 5th, we’ll chillax then! -gra.

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