And so, seeing as I was just complaining in my last post about overeating and putting on weight, irony would have it that this post would be about the fancy new foods that I tried out today. Nonetheless, I will muster on (or should that be mustard on?) and tell you about my gastronomical adventures (one pretty good, one utterly horrid) today.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but recently Bukit Gombak has seen quite a number of new food outlets popping up, most notably a Thai takeaway snack stall and a mini food court of-sorts at the MRT station as well as a donut shop (in the vein of Donut Factory et al., only cheapo looking) opposite the road, which got me a little excited. Gombak was becoming more hip!

So, today, after a week of waiting, I decided to head down to the donut shop to try out what they had to offer. Not having much expectations (especially after tasting the “donuts” sold at that donut shop at White Sands), I was pleasantly surprised.

Ok so the box was quite cheapo looking and the name leaves a bit to be desired but, hey, it’s what’s inside the box that matters most right?

Weijian took the blueberry flavoured one (rather fancifully titled “The Blue Dimple” which, of course, we both immediately referred to as “The Blue Pimple”) before I could start snapping but here are the rest. The one on the top left is Coco Crunch; on the top right is the apple flavoured one; the one with the pink swirls I think is some strawberry chocolate thing (not sure since Wei was the one who ordered and ate it) while the with the creamy white puffs on top are banana flavoured.

Out of those I had the coco crunch, apple and banana ones. The banana flavoured ones, while not having much of a banana taste, still tasted really good, freshly baked and all (or whatever process donuts are made by) and the cream, which I initially thought were decorative and not actually constituting the banana part of the donut’s name, slowly leaves a wonderful lingering banana aftertaste as well as a cute (well at least I think it’s cute) cream moustache. It’s kind of like the donut version of “Got Milk?”.

The apple one had really cold apple fillings on top, which I’m not sure was the original intent (McDonald’s steaming hot apple pie fillings are still the best) and the serving was a bit too generous, to be honest, but thanks to the large serving, it left a very fragrant apple taste on the donut itself which, combined with a thin coating of sugar, made for a delicious-if-sinful few bites.

The coco crunch one, alas, was a bit disappointing. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I ate it last and only after buying it for quite a while, the coco crunch(es?) on the top of the donut were all soft and laohong-ed which is sad, considering they were supposed to be the main star of the donut. The floury part of the donut (aka. the below section), though, was as tasty as the previous two, solid and full but not hard or starchy.

Sadly, after getting all excited about there being an actual good donut shop near home, my mum arrived home with news (aka. gossip) that the shop would be closing down on the 10th. So fast lar! It has barely opened for a few weeks. Darn it man.

For dinner, we (that is, Wei, mum and myself) decided to have some McDonald’s delivery (after all, can supposedly win $10k right?) and I discovered that they have some new gourmet meals so we decided to try that.

Mum and I had the grilled chicken chop set while Wei went for a forest mushroom pasta (again, no picture of that cause he started eating it before I even settled down to eat mine).

What can I say? It was quite a horrifying experience.

The chicken, while decently chewy, was deceptively meagre (despite what you see in the picture above, they were actually very thin slices with a substantial part being fat), the gravy was watery and tasteless while the potato slices were way too mushy and tasted distinctly artificial. In fact, both my mum and I commented that it tasted like airplane food. It even comes at airplane food prices! At S$11 per set, it was pretty much a rip-off, man. Should have just ordered a burger or something. The packet of fries that I shared with Wei (for which I paid S$1+ for) was way more satisfying than this atrocity masquerading as chicken chop.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to start dieting tomorrow instead. Or next week. Or something.


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