Ok I seriously need to stop eating so much.

Due to my new PT schedule (which is way less demanding and frequent compared to my former one), my current work scope (and the nature of my workplace) as well as the much more numerous opportunities I’ve been given to snack and munch away on unhealthy junk (a blessing, of sorts, that I have exploited to full potential), I have now ballooned (well, where it’s most obvious, anyway), am less fitter (not that my original state of fitness was anything to shout about) and have a huge hole in my wallet which comes from me contributing much of my monthly pay to the canteen store owners.

My smart four, which used to fit very snugly and, well, smartly, is now uncomfortably bulging (in, as I mentioned, the most obvious places) and tight. And that’s just when I’m standing. I fear that, if I continue this way, some of the buttons might just pop out one day when I sit down.

Need to start enforcing my own food discipline as well as implement a more stringent and tougher OTOT PT programme. (Although, like I mentioned in the last post, my status now is still very unclear and there is a high possibility that, in a week or two, I might not even have to worry about overeating since I might not have the privelege to anymore.)


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