Random points for a random Sunday night before booking in:

Virtua Tennis 3 (PSP) is the most awesome game to play when you got time to waste while waiting for a file to finish loading and while waiting for the water to boil so you can cook your instant noodles dinner.

-Sunday nights seriously pass way too fast.

-Using a Creative mp3 player and having to manually manage your files (because the programme they included is terrible) just makes you appreciate to the fullest the wonder that is iPod+iTunes synchronisation.

-While I still do think it’s a bit overrated (I mean, every review I’ve heard of it is positively GLOWING), I nonetheless do enjoy How I Met Your Mother quite a fair bit and I think the cast of characters is awesome man. I’m totally a Ted.

Just wish I had a Barney (hilarious and cool best buddy) , Marshall+Lily (cute attached couple who are both good friends with me) and (very importantly) a Robin (super hot and intelligent girl who’s into me) in my life.

From left to right: Barney, Lily, Marshall, Robin, Ted

(Picture taken from http://tv.yahoo.com/show/38167/photos/1)


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