So, after a whole morning and afternoon of trying, nearly an entire hour of being forwarded by helpdesk to helpdesk, 20mins of time that Nessi and I will never get back as well as more trying and trying, I finally managed to get the transaction thing to work just that once and I paid for my new iPod Classic 80gb!

Then, more trouble. The one I wanted to get was the black one but Suntec‘s Epicentre branch told me that they’re out of stock and that they would only have new stock next week, which is when I might have to stay in camp and won’t be able to collect and the week after might be too late.

So, instead of getting the black, I opted to get the silver one instead (which was what Suntec‘s branch had in stock). Turned out to be a good choice after all. Just like the previous generation, the black one looked really good at first glance but repeated looks and feels revealed the main flaw – that fingerprints and moisture marks are super obvious on the black one.

Then, after a pretty sumptuous dinner with mum at Muthu’s Curry, I headed down to Marina Square to get the dude who did my screen protector installation the last time around (and did a pretty darn good job, I might add) only to find out that the shop has closed for good! So, I had to opt for the almost $8 more expensive but almost identical set of screen protectors from the Epicentre. Thankfully, the dude who helped me install it there was also pretty good at it and there’re no air bubbles or anything (which is what I certainly would have made if I tried to do it myself).

Sadly, the $9.90 Bagman pouch I wanted to get for the iPod, which I saw right at the start of the day, from some random shop around the corner from the Epicentre, was unavailable by the end of the day when I wanted to get it because the shop was closed. So suay lar. But never mind, I shall go get it tomorrow when I go out.

As you can see, it’s been a day of mixed happenings. Good things have happened (a pretty decent tennis game in the morning in good weather, being able to get an iPod again, having a good dinner with mum, getting the screen protector in the end etc.), there have also been some annoyances (like all of technology, like the shop selling the pouch which closed an hour before its supposed closing time etc.).

As you might also be able to see, I’m writing in a rather amatuerish, terribly unpoetic writing style (full of the secondary-school what-I-did-today style of narrative) but that’s just cause I’m so knackered from lack of sleep and walking around non stop between Suntec and Marina Sq. the whole day. Do forgive me for the jarring read.

Oh yeah, as to why I decided to change mp3player so soon after I just got my previous one? Well, to cut a long story short, while the Zen is, like I mentioned in my review, a really good mp3 player with a whole slew of excellent features, in the end the allure of the iTunes management system just lured me back. Plus, of course, the fact that this one has like 72gb more space. Oh yeah and cause I finally got the discount I wanted (and which I couldn’t get a few weeks back, which is one of the reasons I decided to heck it and get the Zen in the first place) because apparently being a member of DBS iBanking gives a 15% off all iPods this month.

So now I’m looking to sell my Zen for a decent price. Got Wai to help me put up a posting for it on his online site but if anyone wants it feel free to drop a comment here or contact me somehow. Will post up a full post about its features and what I’m selling when I can actually think and write properly.


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