The awesomeness that is Saturday (part 2):

-Throbbing pain finally went away.
-Internet going at phenomenal speeds compared to last time (although it sometimes does not load a number of pages inexplicably and I have to refresh them).
-Borrowed seven new books from the library, including the last three books in Susan Cooper‘s The Dark Is Rising series, another Diane Duane wizarding novel, two Piers Anthony Xanth novels and Tom Parker Bowles Year Of Eating Dangerously, which I thought I would have to buy since it’s pretty new.
-On that same topic, found out that several of the newly released books that I’ve been thinking of buying are in fact available at various libraries and that, while they’re all on loan now, I can just wait for them and thus save money!
-Dinner at gramps was awesome. Every dish was a fave of mine (except for some random vege dish made of cauliflower and weird bean pods) and they all tasted lipsmackingly great. It was further topped off by a fruit dessert of crunchy (if seeded) grapes and super sweet pear slices.
-Went for grocery and toiletry shopping with mum and ended lugging bags of stuff home, most of which are mine. I got a new shaver (which is actually the same as my current one, only not covered in mould and other gross looking substances), a Thirsty Hippo and air freshener for the locker and even some cool Oral B dual action toothbrushes for future use. As you can see, I suddenly find joy in getting toiletries. Watson’s turns me on. It’s weird.

-Beancurd from Jollibean for dessert
-Reading of my several books
-Writing of a new blog entry
-R&R until bed time



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