Sometimes having too many gadgets in one place isn’t a good idea. Other than the obvious fire safety hazard the many, many, many power plugs etc. pose, there’re also other issues like messy (and ugly) wires, too many remotes, the gathering of dust everywhere as well as the question of whether I actually will end up using them.

So today, we had somebody from Singnet come down to fix up our new MioTV set top box as well as our new broadband internet (which I’m using now and which is much more stable, albeit much more expensive, than Starhub‘s connection. Singnet‘s price plan is so lousy but Starhub‘s connection quality is even lousier.) While the internet connection was set up fine (and I’m proud to say that, techno idiot though I am, I managed to figure out how to set up the damn thing without any explanation from the dude) and the MioTV box too, the phone line (yes, I now have a residential phone line) seemed to have a problem.

Despite the fact that the letter Singtel sent us said that the line would be activated yesterday, we weren’t able to make or receive any calls with that number today, receiving number non-existent messages at first followed by engaged tones. So, while mum set about phoning Singtel and asking for help, I decided to make myself useful and use my newly honed techie skills (which, for any other normal person, is probably something that can be picked up instantly but hey, I’m a mass communicator, not an engineer!) to remove the cable TV box from my room and fix it up in my mum’s phone, since she watches cable TV way more than me and I have to make space for my incoming Wii anyway.

So while I was at it, I decided to do a bit of advanced spring cleaning (being an NSF doesn’t allow much time for cleaning up before the new year yeah) and clear out the gadgets in my room which, while cool to have, are not very much used by me. In my little exercise, I removed my DVD player, the afore-mentioned cable set top box and even my mini hi-fi which was located next to my bed, leaving the official gadget count in my room now down to my PC (which I use for DVDs and music anyway), my laptop and my television (which can only receive free-to-air channels now). Despite the fact that I’ve moved all the fancy stuff out, however, I feel much better about my room now.

The ledge on which these machines were on now looks much neater and cleaner without all the jutting out gadgetry and horrifyingly messy and dangerous tangles of wires; I have space (not to mention sufficient power points) for my Wii when it comes and, to top it off, I now only have one remote control to be worried about, instead of the previous FOUR. Woo! Cheers to no more fire safety hazards!

It’s been a good Saturday man, what with a relaxed but stimulating PT session this morning, the installation of a (promisingly) stable new internet connection, the clearing out of my room and the promise of good food later at my gramps. Now, I’m just hoping for the darn phone line to work (not that I really care about it much, though) and for the incessant dull throb at the back of my head (which has been plaguing me since I came home and which two panadols haven’t helped) to disappear.


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