“Eee! What’s this on my floor?!” my mum demanded. I ran into her room, thinking it was some cockroach or something that I would have the “pleasure” of clearing up. Then, when I first laid eyes on what was on the floor, she gave a small laugh. My mum’s awesome. She told me she would collect it on Friday but did so this afternoon to surprise me.

Surprise me with what? Well, lying there on the floor (and later on my room ledge) was the newest member of my family:

The Nintendo Gii! (Yes, I’m still continuing my trend of embarrassing narcisism)

While it didn’t come with Pokemon Battle Revolution as I had hoped, it did come with Spiderman: Friend Or Foe and Big Brain Academy, both of which had pretty good reviews. Plus, of course, there’s the free pre-packaged Wii Sports.

Amazingly, after I had set it up (super easy to set up so kudos to Nintendo!), I wasn’t the one who played it the most. While I dabbled a bit in the tennis and bowling segments of Wii Sports (both of which were dismal), my mum was the one having the most fun, whacking golf balls and hitting spare after spare in bowling with aplomb. Plus, she’s much better (and obviously enjoyed it way more than I did) at Big Brain Academy, which is filled with minigames to make the worse of my super addled and lagging brain.

In any case, awesome!


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