Oh. My. Gosh.

Lucy Hale, my favourite American Junior ever, plays Robin’s sister on How I Met Your Mother. That’s awesome.

Plus, How I Met Your Mother marathons rock. I watched like 14 episodes today and I didn’t even get bored or the usual marathon fatigue I get even when I watch shows I love.



Weight after lunch on Sunday: 58.4kg

Weight today before lunch: 58.7kg

Weight today after lunch but before cake: 60.4kg

What the.

Anyway, that’s why I just had a wholemeal kaya sandwich, a pineapple tart and a fragrant pear for dinner today. I don’t care, I’m gonna run until that weight (and the not-really-from-beer belly) is gone.

And no, it’s not muscle weight I put on, contrary to what people keep telling me. Not been doing enough exercise to even keep any muscle, let alone add more.


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