Congrats to newlyweds Bronson and Belinda on a smooth wedding and best wishes for a fantastic, God-blessed and everlasting marriage!


Walking is really tiring, man.

After the wedding, Aaron and I met up with Wei Jian to catch I Am Legend (surprisingly good, despite all the negative reviews from friends).

When the movie ended at 7+pm, we decided to go get some dessert but because we couldn’t decide what we wanted and we had no idea where to go, we went from sauntering around Marina Square to the Bugis library, to Bugis Village then round and round the shops before settling finally for food at Cafe Cartel at 10.25pm. We actually, literally, walked nonstop for a whole three hours!

Totally crazy man. No stopping or even much resting at all. Plus I was walking around in a long sleeved shirt. My legs are aching like mad now man.


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