In 2007, I

[1st half Of year a.k.a. Bye bye NP]
-Started the year as a busy polytechnic student serving my attachment with TriMedia Publishing, rushing out an issue of Hype magazine as well as editing and managing the online portal UrbanWire
-Got my driver’s license (Class 3A) on my second try (yes, I am that lousy at driving, apparently), unaware of the fact that later in the year I would get a whole different type of driver’s license
-Started to work with, blogging on a weekly basis on their ns40 portal
-Went to Naruwan for some scenery-ogling and celebrity-stalking (alas, the latter was a failure) with Lynn and Grace
-Graduated with a diploma with merit as well as an SPH journalism award (hey I don’t get to blow my trumpet often since I don’t have much…erm…trumpets to blow so just allow me this one time ok?)

[2nd half of year a.k.a. Becoming Defender of Nation]
-Got into Orion company in BMTC
-Made a pretty awesome group of friends (a.k.a. Platoon 3 Section 4; special shoutouts to Kenneth, Wee Siang and bed buddy Wei Hong!)
-Underwent (apparently) gruelling physical and combat training
-Passed out in a relatively smooth parade (especially compared to what I’ve heard from some of my friends about their POPs)
-Got posted first to the navy and then back to the army, to 40 SAR, Keat Hong Camp in particular
-Learnt to be an AFV operator (a.k.a. driver) before getting transferred from Cougar coy to Bn HQ
-Attended Bronson’s wedding

-Got my DS Lite (can’t remember whether this was late ’06 or early ’07)
-Got a new camera, Casio EX-Z1000
-Got my PSP Phat (at a price that I could have gotten a PSP Slim at just three weeks later, I might add)
-Got a Creative Zen 8gb (which I’m still trying to sell, any takers?)
-Went back to Apple and got the iPod Classic 80gb
-Cancelled my (terrible) Starhub internet connection and signed up for a Singnet broadband line instead (which I now hear is, following in Starhub‘s footsteps, giving a free upgrade from 6mbps to 8mbps next year so yay that!)
-Got the Nintendo Wii I’ve always dreamt of as a freebie from signing up for the line
-Got a new phone, got another new phone, got a third new phone and sold that one and the first one

[Go figure]
-Read 43 books (top of the list? Khaled Hosseini‘s The Kite Runner)
-Watched 34 movies
-Changed blog twice (yes, only)
-Vomitted once (running up a steep slope and immediately following it with 20 push-ups, 20 crunches and 20 tuck jumps isn’t great for the stomach, I tell you)
-Can do 4 pull-ups max (again, yes, only)
-Have spent more than S$5000 (I’m sure), most of it on either gadgets or food or impulse buys that I end up regretting, sometimes a permutation of the three

-Had a year with more changes than any other and survived it, a significant feat especially for someone so scared of changes like me
-Had a blessed, wonderful, fun-filled, fantastic year


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