In 2008, I will

-Read at least 55 books
-Save at least S$3500
-Finally pass IPPT
-Get a silver for IPPT
-Clear my SOC
-Do my Quiet Time every single day
-Attend church every week unless I have guard duty or some other appointment not within my control
-Be able to play 20 worship songs on the guitar
-Watch a Japanese show and understand at least 30% of the native dialogue
-Make my tummy and love handles disappear

-Learn to control my temper and not get so easily angered/frustrated/irritated
-Be more sensitive and conscious of others’ feelings and needs
-Eat more healthily (ie. cut down on canteen breaks)
-Stop procrastinating so much
-Stop staying up late for no reason and sleep more
-Be more conscientious in my work and stop making so many careless mistakes
-Practice sound financial planning
-Be contented with what I have and stop always hankering for more
-Learn to think before I speak
-Learn to think, period

In 2008, I will actually try to keep my resolutions.


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