I’ve come to realise that the subscriptions I took to Time and Newsweek magazine weren’t really great purchasing decisions on my part. Lured by the fancy advertising and speech as well as the it-looked-cool-then free gifts, I am now stuck (and paying huge moneys, including an additional $62 this week, which was definitely NOT in my monthly budget) with two magazines which, albeit well-produced and written, just doesn’t pander to my still rather teen-ish magazine literary taste. I’m just not that into current affairs and such.

Plus, I still haven’t gotten a single copy from my subscription to National Geographic, which is the only magazine I’m confident, from past history, of actually enjoying. Anyone interested in taking over my subscriptions? I’ll give it to you at cost price, minusing off the price for the past few month.

On the plus side, after a hectic morning, I received good news about my work and, on the way home just now, I saw, in one single drive home, two huge rainbows in the rather beautiful, downcast, cloudy skyline. Awesome sight that was.


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