Warning: Long, mundane post ahead.

So last night I was trying to blog but the cyber corner closed just as I was checking my RSS feeds for the past few days and, alas, my amazing blogging skills were hindered from their true destination!

I was pretty excited about blogging yesterday because I saw an advert in the papers earlier in the day which had me jumping up and down (well, in my mind. Physically I was too busy being tired and aching all over to do any jumping or otherwise strenuous physical activity).

Y’know, I’ve always wanted a masters, partially (I’m ashamed to admit) because I always felt that a bachelor’s degree is so everyone-has-one (not that I’m slamming graduates. I know how much hard work it takes to get a degree and I might not even be able to get one myself) and a phD always felt a bit too over, if you know what I mean (although I would love to get one some day if I had the finances and the brains to). To the superficial teenage me, a masters seemed a good balance between coolness (not too geeky yet not too common) and intelligence. Of course, the fact that a masters degree warrants higher salaries was a huge plus point too.

As I grew up (losing the teenage but, sadly, not the superficial part of me), I came to appreciate the true value of post graduate studies not only as something economically viable and also a sort of IQ status symbol, but also as something to further enhance and better one’s self both emotionally and mentally (for doing these kinds of studying is surely taxing). Plus, with the competitive nature of Singaporeans and the ever-increasing need for certification and qualifications, a masters is almost a sure-need to land a cushy job by the time I grow of age.

As everyone close to me would know (especially since I don’t ever stop yakking on about it), I hope to someday be a practising clinical psychologist with my own child psychology clinic and a side job as a behavioural psychology researcher. Unfortunately, even as of a few months ago, the highest form of education available for psychology in Singapore (not counting those correspondence courses and private institutions) was a basic degree which, while still respectable, is not enough to warrant me a job as a professional psychologist, or so several people told me.

Nonetheless, I signed on for the degree programme at NUS and, more trying to comfort myself than anyone else, wildly proclaimed that I would complete my degree, hopefully get a scholarship and then go overseas to pursue a masters in a related psychological field. Thus, I would not only get my masters, I would also be able to fulfil my dream of living in a foreign country for a few years!

Of course, realistically speaking, I know I’m not terribly gifted academically (or in any other areas of my life, I realise) and a scholarship is probably wildly wishful thinking, which would mean that, if I really wanted to pursue post-graduate studies abroad, it would prove to be a huge financial burden on both my parents and myself.

And, after typing such a ridiculously long and long-winded diatribe, my point is? Well, just in time (well, actually several years ahead of time) to save the day (and my parents’ pockets), the very school which I have signed up for my basic degree course has announced that they would be having their very first masters degree in psychology programme!

Yup, NUS‘s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will be launching their masters programme this coming year. Not only that, it’s a masters degree in clinical psychology, which is the most practical (I would imagine) field in Singapore.

I am officially excited (and thinking wishfully again, I’d bet).


In other news, I think I’ve broken my neck, or at least sprained it. It’s aching and sore all the time and sometimes when I look downwards (to read lar, sewer-for-brains), I get sudden sharp spiking pains at spots. Eek.


In other, other news, I would like to put a tagboard on my blog since the comments feature of this blog seems very lacklustre (not to mention disused, hint hint).

Unfortunately, as I have no doubt demonstrated in the past few months, my intellectual capacity has gone totally down the drain with the lack of any usage of my cerebral material and I have apparently lost the ability to play with html codes the way I used to be able to in secondary school (not that I was any techno whiz then but at least I could put up a tagboard successfully).

So, if any kind soul out there would like to help poor old 20-year-old me put up a tagboard on this blog, please drop me a message somewhere and help me with it. I promise exciting gifts (for ie. a shoutout on the best blog in the world aka pokemymon)!


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