It’s been a really excellent day, filled with little surprises, a fair bit of fun and lots of cheap bargains. For your viewing pleasure, here was my accidental-cheap-spends-day:

-After a particularly punishing gym session for IPPT training, I reached home only to engage in several matches of Wii tennis and then real tennis with Rhonda and Wai. Terrible game (at least for me). Don’t think my lack of any form of tennis skill has ever been so ridiculously evident as today. My arms ache even now.

-Headed down to IMM with Wai to meet up with Yu Fen. We waltzed around Giant(s?), getting awestruck by the amount of cheap and good (we presume) stuff one can get there. For example, Fen bought this pack of mini muffins which were fantastic, tasting like fluffy (and, surprisingly, un-jelak) danish cookies in muffin form. The hooker of the deal? Ten of them only cost S$1.99!

-We also saw pretty decent looking bicycles going for S$50+, which is a really attractive deal especially since I’ve been wanting a bike for quite a while (although, realistically speaking, I won’t really have much chance to use it so not going to actually act on my spendthrift impulse for once).

-The gang got me belated birthday present in the form of a table fan for my room, which is something we all agree badly needed it. It’s now sitting on my platform, cooling the heck of me. While I may have been there for the purchase and thus know the price, I definitely approve since it’s a pretty good value-for-money deal. Thanks yeah, pals!

-Took the (free) IMM shuttle bus down to Clementi MRT to meet Adelene for some K-ing. Wai, Adel and I spent the next four hours screaming our lungs (many times almost literally) and the best thing is we had a promotional discount on top of a happy hour discount on top of a student discount!

-For dinner, Wai brought us to this little gem he found in a coffeeshop in Clementi central. Called e-meals (perhaps without the hyphen; can’t remember), the set meal they have there includes a hefty serving of rice, copious amounts of (actually really tasty and not too spicy for me) curry sauce, a pretty meaty curry chicken, a sunny-side-up egg (I think. I can never get all the different styles of eggs right) and a taupok drenched in the usual dark soya sauce. The entire meal? Cost S$1.90.


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