Ok so it actually turned out much better than I expected. Granted I still failed by a lot of and there’re still some stations I can’t clear (or at least clear totally) but I’ve managed to overcome my biggest obstacle (which everyone else has been able to do from the start) as well as clear some which I’d never thought I’d be able to.

And this comes after not having gone for SOC training for several weeks. But anyhow, woo for today’s random surprise improvement (or, more likely, huge amounts of luck)!

Definitely won’t pass the test this Friday but here’s hoping it’ll be good practice and that I’ll keep improving and not deprove back to my embarrassing state.


This Saturday, Converse sale!


In sad news, I read that Heath Ledger, star of Brokeback Mountain and portraying Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, has been found dead in his apartment. It’s sad. Such a young talent gone out so early in life. Leaves behind a wife and a young daughter some more.

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