The last one.

I have to admit. I’m not Mr Brown, I’m no Mr Miyagi and I definitely am not Xiaxue (or even Xialanxue, who admittedly garnered several page views as well).

Back 30 posts or so, I decided to venture into blogger (after having left this service years ago) because, despite the secondary school tween feel to it, the system offered me a chance to earn money from my typings through nuffnang (which promised adverts if your daily readership is over 20 unique hits and money earned from displaying these ads).

After a few months of blogging here, it’s quite obvious that I will probably not be earning any money from this little writing thing of mine.

I guess maybe it’s cause my content is not sensational (because I’m a coward at heart and because I, like, seriously apathetic towards anything remotely resembling adult and mature), my life is mundane (and that’s all I blog about because, for me, my blog is a journal of my life, not an outlet for me to vent my as-yet-non-existent political/philosophical/whatever-other-cheem-thing feelings) or maybe my writing just plain sucks (I have to admit, my English has deteriorioieroated tremendously since I’ve started serving the nation).

Whatever the case, my daily readership tracker on nuffnang has shown pretty dismal results since the beginning of this blog and, for the last week or so, no one had visited this blog at all (which means I’m now writing to air, which is kinda weird).

Thus, I have decided to stop trying to make my blog some kind of commercial venture which I can earn money from and get loads of sponsors and what not. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to maintain a website with an immense readership and amass some fanatical groupies but for now, I guess I’ll just be realistic. It’s not about the money; it’s about my cathartic rambling about my uninteresting life.

While blogger offered me the chance to earn money (a chance which I’ll admit I haven’t grabbed particularly well) and wordpress offered me a host of cool features, I think at the end of the day, the most appealing blogging service is still livejournal. True to its name, it gives a very diary-ish feel, has loads of customizable options of its own, comes with some pretty nifty features (hello, friends filter and fake cuts) and, of course, communities.

So, since I never truly left LJ (I continued visiting it daily, if only to read my friends page, with all the updates from all the communities I’m in) and I guess it’s time to go back.


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