Squish, squish.

Of course, the weather is searing every morning of the week except the one where we are to play tennis. Still, I’m thankful it didn’t pour during the game, with just a little drizzle adding to the little puddles on the court.


More photos after the break.





Backhand 1

Backhand 2



Photos taken by Rhonda (who, alas, did not get any shots of her own), lest someone says that these are posed again.


8 thoughts on “Squish, squish.

  1. adel says:

    GG, come out of army already anot? should be right.. i’m such a bad friend i don’t know…. ):

      • wai lreng says:

        hahaha.. i think i prefer your top though.
        eh the last photo makes my ass look big. & i just realised, why do you have such silly names for the photos? thomp, twack, chase, jump?? rofl.
        totally in sync with your post title, squish squish.

      • Gabriel says:

        Haha I prefer yours leh. Mine is so standard (and slightly oversized). I so want Federer’s pure white Nike polo with the golden tick from Wimbledon two years back (or was it last year?).

        And ay, ass big not my problem. You should divert more girls here to entice them.

        And ay, the onomatopoeic file names are damn accurate ok?

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