Watching the trailer from the previous post and talking about fan-films and fan-made trailers with Joseph made me revisit my favourite fan-film of all time.

With great casting choices, smartly executed low-budget special effects (as could be seen from their behind-the-scenes video), well-written dialogue, fantastic pacing, a bit of drama and non-stop action, Grayson, a fan-film fake-trailer-for-a-nonexistent-movie telling the tale of a grown-up emo Robin in a Batman-less world, was and still is the best fan-film I’ve ever seen and every comic fan’s wet dream come true.

Again, like the hypothetical nonexistent Green Lantern movie in the previous post, I’d pay full weekend price to watch this. Gabe Fiorella (the creator of the film and its titular star) really mastered the art of making a fantastic trailer. It’s everything a great trailer should be – concise, summarised, exciting, and makes you want to watch the full movie.

So, for those of you who are into comics or superheroes or just good action movie(-trailers) and who missed it when I posted up up in one of my various blogs all those years ago, here it is again, in HD.


One thought on “Grayson.

  1. wai lreng says:

    they were both really cool. 10 out of 5. even though the trailer kinda left me lost, it was enough to make me want to see more.
    loved the use of the really dramatic music! thanks for sharing. haha

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