Just as I had finally mulled enough over the subject and decided to go for NUS’ 13′ 2.0ghz Macbook package (which, at S$2100++, came with Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite and two more years of warranty), you decide to bump your 13′ Macbook up to the Macbook Pro range, making it even more powerful (2.53ghz) but somehow even cheaper than before (at S$2300++ with educational discount, and the 2.26ghz version is S$1800++), and you’ve even added a S$360++ rebate for any iPod I buy, at a time when I’ve lost both my iPods and want need to get a new one.

And I’m pretty sure that NUS won’t be offering this new Macbook Pro this year, at least (according to their own website, they usually don’t offer the most up to date Macs).

Urgh. Choices choices choices. Less powerful but comes with great, expensive software, more warranty and on-campus servicing (which I probably won’t need, though) or more powerful and comes with an almost-free iPod?

Guess I’ll just have to wait for this year’s NUS notebook ownership scheme details to come out (the one I found was for last year) and then compare prices.


2 thoughts on “Argh.

  1. jr says:

    They will have to offer the up to date ones if there’s no more stock of the previous models. I would think they don’t stock these themselves and just have tie ups with the distributors. So if the distributors have the newer models, that’s what you should also be getting.

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