Run run run!

Finally got down to measuring exactly how long is that route that I always run around my estate, with the amazing Nokia Sports Tracker app for my phone which, btw, I would fully recommend to anyone with a Nokia smartphone (although does anyone know whether using GPS satellites to track my location costs anything? It doesn’t ask me for access points or anything and it doesn’t seem to use 3G. I’m such a n00b at this).

Apparently my previous guesstimates were almost spot-on. I had thought it was around 1.4-1.5km per round and I was right! It’s 1.45km, give or take a few metres.

Anyway, had a little trial run today to start off the workout schedule in the app. Alas, it took me over 15mins to run 2.8km, which is not only dismal, but far slower than any of the timings that I ran in the army (which, I just realised, I technically am still a part of).

Still, I’m gonna blame it on my largely sedentary lifestyle in the past two weeks, lack of any real running in weeks and the fact that my legs are still sore from tennis two days ago and squash yesterday with Joseph (which was totally awesome but which totally killed me).

Here’s looking to better timings!


3 thoughts on “Run run run!

  1. jr says:

    I’ve always thought it accesses 3G since the E71’s GPS is supposed to be network-assisted (A-GPS). A good indicator is if the 3G connection indicator doesn’t show while you’re on the home screen while the app is running then it means no data charges. I never bothered to check since I had a data plan when I started using it. Anyway, I’ll try it out tomorrow then I’ll let you know.

    • Gabriel says:

      Oh but you see, I’ve never activated nor saved the 3G settings to my phone that my telco always asks me to. So I’m not sure if it can even access 3G at all yet.

      And I finally chanced upon a forum that mentioned that if the AGPS is turned on, it might incur data charges. However, if I turn it off and just use internal GPS, it won’t incur charges. Any idea whether that is true? I’ve just turned off the AGPS but no idea whether it was used earlier when I ran.

      • jr says:

        There seems to be a setting inside the app that sets whether it connects to the network or not. If Map material is “Phone” it won’t connect to the network, if it’s “Phone and network” it will try to connect to the network, if you don’t have network settings it might not connect even if set that way. But you also need to check if the phone automatically sets the data settings since my E71 was able to set my data settings for two different SIMs without me inputting or activating anything. It might be getting the settings via the SIM.

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