K Box Safra Jurong West.

The cool decor

When I suggested to Yu Fen that we head down to a KBox nearby to fulfill our karaoke desires, she suggested the one at the newly-opened Safra Jurong West, touting some new features that sounded interesting.

Boy, am I glad she did.

The place is amazing. Due to the fact that it’s new, the room (which, thanks to the time of day and the fact that this Safra is damn ulu, was huge and obviously meant for a larger group) was squeaky clean. And the old-school retro-themed decor makes it look unlike any other KBox I’ve seen.

Plus, there’re the requisite two TVs, a cute little wall-mounted control system, a touch-screen song manager (!) and a feature which lets you record your performance and bluetooth the mp3 over to your phone (!!!).

Pictures of the superbly fun afternoon after the break.

The cool wall-mounted control which has buttons to add applause or cheers into your performance which, alas, cannot be used if you’re recording it.

The touch screen which has Chinese handwriting recognition!


Singstar 2!

Apparently, Yu Fen can only sing when she is sitting on something.

And apparently, I can only do it if I’m standing and waving my hands dramatically (and in case you’re wondering, no, these photos are not posed).

The ?? lights.

Nice right, the place? Must go must go!

Oh and we did try out the recording feature. Most of them came out pretty bad because, since we had no idea what we were doing, we left both mics on at the same time (resulting in odd echoes) and for some reason there was some pretty bad static in some recordings. But, if you’re very nice to us, you might get to hear a clip or two 😉

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