Magical number 15.

He shoots.

He scores.

He breaks the all-time male singles grand slam winning record, breaks the record for most number of games in a single set, probably broke or met a few other records along the way, snatched his no.1 ranking back and (probably most important to him) got his favourite crown back. King of tennis indeed.

Congrats Roger Federer on being truly the greatest player of all time!

ps. Felt quite bad for Roddick though. He played really well and that last set was really a whooper. The scores were so close the match could really have gone either way even till the end. His reaction (and his wife’s) were so sad.

pps. How cool is it that, after winning this, his close friend and golf legend Tiger Woods won a PGA tour of his own by a very close score too (only one stroke FTW)?

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One thought on “Magical number 15.

  1. Tennis Serve says:

    I too felt so bad for Andy as he had given everything to this match and the whole Wimbledon tournament. I just hope he can get another slam some day soon. It was at the same time brilliant to see history made with Roger winning his 15th slam title.

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