I think this is the most apathetic and nonchalant I’ve ever been about my birthday coming up.

In the past, no matter how swamped I got or how many things were happening around me, I would always get a teensy bit excited about the day, even if I had no plans.

This year, I literally barely even remember that it’s coming most of the time.

For some reason, even though I’m not swamped at all with any work or anything, my general thought when I see the date somewhere and realise that my 22nd is only in a few days is “oh, is it? Didn’t realise it’s that near.”

And it’s usually followed by “Oh well, that’s random,” before I continue on doing whatever it was I was doing before that.

In fact, in this week alone, I’m more excited about going for the Lighthouse Evangelism live CD recording this Friday and the Magic 2010 prerelease event this Saturday (my very first competitive-ish one!) than I am about Thursday (which, admittedly, I have no plans for).

Maybe it’s a sign that I’m growing up, this whole birthday-is-just-a-normal-day thing?

On another similar note, my China trip with my parents is just around the corner (17th to 24th) but I don’t seem to be thinking about it much at all neither.

It’s just like “oh, I’m flying off from this date to this date”. Kinda like as though it’s just another part of my normal daily life.


ps. Oh yeah, just because I’m apathetic about my birthday this year doesn’t mean I’m apathetic about receiving birthday presents ok aherm aherm.

pps. And for the cynical reader out there – no, this wasn’t some huge roundabout way of reminding you all to get gifts for me hehe.


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