The day we Mass Commers met.


Who? Me, Darren, Nicole, Grace, Pearl, Debbie (not pictured), Lynn (not pictured)
When? 6th July 2009, Monday, the whole day
Where? (At different points of the day) Guilin View tennis court 3, my hall, my room
What? Tennis in the morning with Lynn (7-6 match, epic!), Singstar-ing with everyone (and a photoshoot with Mr. and Mrs. Darren Ong for an article I’m writing) in the afternoon, Wii-ing and pizza in the evening and cam-whoring into the night
How? With style

And why? Cause we’re teh awesomez. Yes, so much that we warrant our own misspellings.

Pic spam ahead. Warning, LOADS OF PICTURES.

Pizza! And Caeser’s Caesor’s Scissors salad!

Bash her head!
Bash her head with my soft-ball!


Facebook tagging
Forward-thinking people that we are, we even included spaces for Facebook tagging.

Deranged Grace
Grace looks slightly deranged while Pearl is intent on killing the hippies.

Goofing off
I don’t know what the theme of this photo was. Strike a random pose?

Night prep
Preparing for our night shoot.

First letters
Practice shot – our initials.

Attempt #1.

Attempt #2
Attempt #2 – major fail.

Yay success!

(One of ) Nicole’s try. Hers was super difficult because the name is hard to write in a single line. Turned out pretty nice hor. Very logo-for-a-girly-accessories-shop-or-clothes-brand.

Pearl’s one. Also hard to write cause all the letters are so round they kept overlapping.

Darren’s try. According to Mrs. Darren, it looks like his real handwriting so it’s a success there.

He even managed to stick in an underline!

Nobody ever said cam-whoring was so difficult! We took more than an hour to come up with the above shots (and several failures). Was telling Darren that these shots we took look like some promotional poster series for some cheesy channel 5 youth drama.

Alas, these are just about all the photos that I have of the night, with all the rest (let’s just say what’s here is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg) still on Darren’s cam. Will update with pictures of unglam Wii Fit-ing (sans me, of course) and other activities in the afternoon when I get more photos from Darren! And too bad about people arriving and leaving at different times *ahermLynnDebbieGraceaherm* so we never got a complete group shot.


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