Magic 2010 Prerelease.

Notes from my first ever real prerelease experience (didn’t take part in the last one I went to):

Cards: Awesome. Birds of Paradise (which is like one of the stars of this set), Clone, Hypnotic Specter, Ball Lightning and Gargoyle Castle (which I find overrated). And quite a few good commons/uncommons too.

Best thing is? This was one of the rare times (apparently) where we could keep the cards we opened instead of passing it on to the next person.

Deck: Despite the fact that the six boosters I opened packed a hell load of awesome black and blue cards, I decided to go for colours I normally use cause it’s safer. Went for a creature deck with green fatties and white fliers, with a few growth spells from each.

Match descriptions after the break!

Round one (of four)


Haha, my very first real MtG match ever and my opponent didn’t show up. So I got my first (if very unshiok) official win. Still, winning in the first match isn’t that good for a n00b like me cause in the second round I’d be pitched against someone who had won a real match in the first round.

1-0 W/L

Round two

Started off good when I got a free booster in a lucky draw but quickly went downhill.

Just as my opponent (a very nice, friendly guy) and I were shuffling our hands, a judge popped up to give us a random deck check (and we were apparently the only two in the room who had to, for some reason).

Both of us failed because neither of us knew that we couldn’t change our deck composition after the first round. We all thought only the very first game of the day had to use the decks that we had declared.

Still, we only got a warning (thank goodness), on account of the fact that we were both first-timers.

After the match started proper, I drew a lousy hand, mulligan-ed for the exact same hand minus one card, made a few silly errors and totally lost 0-2 against a deck almost identical to mine.

1-1 W/L (0-2 score)

Round three

Much closer. I bagged the first game of the match, my opponent (another super friendly, nice guy) took the next one and the last one was a really close fight.

We were both at less than five life, with few creatures. But, probably cause the match went on so long, I lost concentration, made the stupid mistake of attacking when I should have just defended and lost the match.

If I had just waited till I had drawn the next card (which I looked at after I lost), I probably could have won the match.

1-2 W/L (1-2 score)

Round four

My opponent said he wanted to make this fast so we could go eat lunch and it went accordingly so.

He was going so fast at first, swiftly putting out cards and going through the phases that I felt a bit stressed at having to keep up. Ended up making a few silly errors but still took the first game cause my opponent wasn’t drawing anything good, apparently.

Second round was more even but still quite fast. I made yet another silly error but thankfully this one didn’t affect the game at all.

In the end, I had the supreme satisfaction of knowing that, with my last move, I would win, my opponent wouldn’t be able to do anything against it and I’d win my last match of the day with (some) style, get my first authentic win and also win two boosters instead of one (each win = 3 points. Must get 6 points and more to get two boosters).

2-2 W/L (2-0 score)

So in total, I got 9 boosters for the day (which already offset the cost of joining). Plus, I opened yet another Gargoyle Castle, yet another Hypnotic Specter and yet another Vampire Nocturnus (which everyone got as a free card for participating).

What are the odds of opening two pairs of rares (and one extra prerelease card) in 9 boosters, when the set is so big and boasts of 53 possible rares and 15 mythic rares? Wei Jian also got a pair of the same rare in his six packs. Crazy!

But anyway, the overall experience was pretty. At least I didn’t lose 0-4. Plus, good (expensive) cards (alas, no Lightning Bolt at all, even though it’s a common), a decent match experience and an actual win! Good first time (barring the traumatising deck check).

On a sidenote, boo to no empty booster boxes lying around for the taking this time round. I actually brought a big bag so I could take a few. I know I know, cheapo ol’ me. But hey, the boxes look nice and are great for keeping stuff (and not only MtG cards but any knick-knacks in general lor!).


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