Good fan-fic? You don’t say!

While I do like to read good fan-fictions and even write the occasional one myself, I have to say that most of the fan-fics I’ve come across are, to put it plainly, crap, with badly thought out (and usually highly emo) plots, unbelievable dialogues, horribly out-of-character depictions and a over-sexed emphasis on shipping (pairings of characters) and slash (boy/boy and girl/girl).

With that said, though, there’re moments when you come across a really well-written piece of fan-fiction and those moments make all the endless hours (or minutes, in my case) of web-trawling and enduring painfully bad writing all worth it.

Case in point? A Pokemon fan-fiction that I found a while back on

Yes, Pokemon. Despite the admittedly kid-ish nature of the subject, the series is actually really well-written.

A story about a young girl’s quest to be the best dragon Pokemon trainer in the land, Dragon Master is a series (comprising of eleven chapters and even a sequel series) with a fleshed-out, well-thought-out plot that is, refreshingly, focused on an actual adventure and is devoid of any “sexy” stories of Ash coming on to one of his rivals, Brock making out with Misty or, most disturbingly, Pikachu-on-Pikachu action.

While some parts of the story are predictable, the pacing and execution of the storyline are masterful and engaging, the writing, phrasings and wordings used concise, succinct and economical (with nary a word wasted on redundant flowery prose, unlike, say, mine) and the dialogue is believable and natural-sounding, or at least similar to the anime’s.

When reading this series, you’d get the feeling that the author is actually intent on telling a real story instead of using fan-fiction as an avenue for playing out his or her weird fantasies as most fan-fics seem to be.

The plot progression reveals that the author had done actual real planning, instead of blabbing on while writing on a spontaneous whim like many others do (including me).

I wish I could write like that. The writing might not seem, at first glance, particularly cheem or even really impressive. But to me, it’s harder to write things simply and easy-to-understand than to make then sound like convoluted contenders for a literary award.

Go ahead, read it. While it probably won’t turn your world upside down and it’s definitely not for the literary snobs, I think if you go into it with an open mind, you’d find that Dragon Master is a surprisingly pleasant read for anyone who has experienced the game or the show before.

At many points, it’s even better than (dare I say it) the actual show itself.


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