The day I turned 22.

This might be a tad overdue but I just got the pics so, for all the none of you who were excitedly awaiting photos from my birthday night, here they are!

460 IMG_0653

1. Dinner with Sarima, Nessi and Joanna, complete with “surprise” birthday cake (with real candles)
2. Bar with Yu Fen, Rhonda and Wai Lreng with cheesecake (with fake, “lady’s finger” candle) followed by Kboxing

1. Thai Express, Raffles City Shopping Centre
2. Love The World Soul Rock Bar, Singapore Flyer and K Box, Safra Jurong West

Sarima and I
With Sarima, trying to decide what to eat (didn’t get a photo with the other two!)

Yeah, think I know what I want!

My favourite beef kway teow. All other attempts at being adventurous at Thai Express last time had failed terribly so I didn’t want to take a chance on my birthday.

Cutting the cake was much harder than it looked ok? Pretty good though (chocolate banana, if I’m not wrong, with real banana slices!). And I love how they tried to hide it to surprise me but I totally saw through Nessi’s bad acting and anyway the waiter kinda just blatantly walked over with it.

With Wai, serenading Rhonda with some sappy love song or other. And no, we were not drunk. Just acting like it.

Our huge-ass platter of delicious goodies.

The whole night seemed to consist of non-stop shoving stuff into my mouth.

With the bimbos (as I stated on Facebook, Yu Fen took over Vera’s spirit by valiantly fighting with a parking coupon scanner later on in the night)

Making my birthday wish. The cake was awesome. The biscuit was amazing while the cheese part was surprisingly light and jelak-free.

Group shot!

More serenading. (I actually have a video of us singing this song in decent harmony but ain’t gonna post it up cause it’s damn paiseh).

Blur smile!

In the car on the way back. Shoutout to Rhonda for sending us all home at 3+am while we annoyed her with our own version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.


And yes, I do realise every photo that I posted has me inside. But hey, it was my birthday ok? And it’s my blog. And I’m a narcissistic exhibitionist. Plus, if I posted up every photo from that night, this post would never end.


7 thoughts on “The day I turned 22.

  1. yufen says:

    eh, stop announcing to the world that i was a bimbo that night ok? i admit i was kinda stupid but whatever i did that night will be beaten hands down by rhonda’s 5 minutes ok?! ROAR. 😛

  2. rhonda says:

    hello hello!
    for your info i was NOT serenated okay!
    hahahha and yufen is a bimbooooooooo!!!
    im not ANYMOREEEE! wheeemeet up for drinks soon!
    i love improm!

  3. Gabriel says:

    Hehe you were both bimbos ok? The Pussycat Doll performance was super bimbo also. Too bad I don’t have video (although I do have the mp3 hehe).

    And er the photo is just some random photo I guess. That you can choose.

  4. wai lreng says:

    hahahaha yes yufen was such a bimbo too.

    “scan the coupon yufen!”
    she proceeds to put the ticket into the scanner with the barcode facing out. oh well.
    eh, share rhonda’s song with us leh. put it up on itunes or something. rofl

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