National Day.

Fireworks 1 Fireworks 2
Fireworks from the Floating Platform, taken from my granny’s flat in Bedok with my laupok camera.

Despite all my complaining and grousing about your inconsiderate public transport commuters, your hot n’ cold weather, your discourteous road drivers who are devoid of common sense, your lousy standard of service in several shops around the island and the little nitty, gritty details that only a spoilt brat like me would take offense at, I really do love you, my dear home country.

And I’m not just saying that to appear patriotic today or because I have donated two years of my life to learn to defend you should the need arise.

I may grumble a lot but Singapore is still one of the places I would most want to live in. The government has done a pretty good job in building up a safe, stable and secure country which, despite a few ups and downs, has proven inexplicably resilient and which, undeniably for me at least, feels like home. While growing up I might have wished to have been born or grown up in a different country, but now, at 22 years of age, I’m thankful that I had been born and brought up here, in an economically strong, peaceful and natural-disaster-free zone with a competent, if stressful, education system.

Singapore might not be perfect but then, which country is?

Happy 44th birthday, Singapore, and may you have many more ahead!

ps. After watching most of this year’s NDP (which, btw, I actually think is one of the better recent efforts, what with the funkier music segments and the cool drummer wall thingy), I have to conclude that the best NDP songs are still the ones from the classic era. “We Are Singapore”, “Home”, “Count On Me Singapore”, “Stand Up for Singapore” et al ftw.


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