We tackled a monster. And won.

Whoa big

Met Wei Jian and Shin for dinner today at Jurong Point as a sort of farewell dinner for WJ before he flies off to Denmark for the next six months (supposed to celebrate Aaron’s birthday too but Dr. Meng was too busy studying for exams to be able to make it). After a decent meal at Din Tai Fung, we headed (at my recommendation a.k.a. because I’ve always wanted to try it) to Benten Cafe on the fourth floor for dessert.

Since we had already eaten dinner and weren’t…y’know…crazy, we gave their massive $36 monster dessert dish (comprising whatever chapalang dessert you can think of, stuffed into a fishbowl) a miss and went for the $20 junior monster instead. Containing the same anything-goes ingredients of its mother (father?) but in smaller quanties, this jug had a honeydew slice, orange, kiwi and banana slices, whipped cream, strawberry syrup, blueberries, corn flakes (and cocoa puffs) and lots and lots of ice-cream.

And yes, it’s as sinful as it sounds. Sweet, crunchy, cloying, crazily addictive. The corn flakes hurt our inexplicably sore throats (maybe DTF had really heaty food?), the strawberry syrup was a bit too sweet after a while and there’s the small fact that the darned thing is ginormous but it was pretty delicious! Despite the fact that we just couldn’t shovel in that next mouthful, we managed to finish it.

“Before” photo (forgive the weird photo-editing. I haven’t gotten the hang of Gimp yet.)

Jabba The Hutt
“After” photo



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