Youtube love.

Once in a while, you’d (or at least I’d) come across a Youtube user who’d blow you (or me) away with almost every single video in the repertoire. I just found another one.

The account belongs to this guy called Kurt Schneider, who’s a singer and musician who always does a lot of arrangement and production work. His performances (with his friends Jake and Sam, who are great singers, especially the latter) are always pretty good and at times funny haha.

And, y’know, he has so many good videos I had a hard time choosing. So, here’re some of the performances I loved the most from him and his friends:

His cover of Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield” (awesome song, btw), a slower, piano-based arrangement which I love.

A very cool medley of 15 different pop songs combined together using the same few basic chords. The Avril section is both awesome and hilarious (because it basically highlights how similar her songs are).

Sam Tsui’s cover of Leona Lewis’ cover of Snow Patrol’s “Run”. Amazing range.

Sam’s very cool version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” (last seen on Glee). And yes, it’s all him.

And the coup de grace, a medley (very cool arrangement) of Michael Jackson’s hits, apt since it’s his birthday today.

Awesome music haha.


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