Holding stuff

Productive project group discussion + finally buying stuff I want + free dental checkup at the mall + a nice and cheap sushi dinner = great day!

List of purchases:
1. Live To Worship 4 CD (with some of my fave bands and singers on it)
2. Life Application Study Bible NIV Personal Size (which I’ve been contemplating buying for ages and found at a discount just now)
3. THE PAPERBACK EDITION OF THE FINAL PENDRAGON BOOK! Soldiers Of Halla (which I thought would take another half a year to arrive here) ftw!
4. Not pictured – a humongous box of Honey Stars cereal and some other random toiletries I got my mom to pay for 🙂

And all that awesomeness made up for the fact that, during lunch, I opened a bottle of ketchup and it exploded all over my (thankfully red) polo tee.

Btw, the picture above is taken from my Dailybooth entry. Dailybooth is like Twitter but with no word limit and with a compulsory photo for every entry. It’s kinda exhibitionistic (hey, what isn’t, nowadays?) but pretty fun and addictive if you have a webcam (or even just a camera) handy. See my DB account here.

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