US Open.

And in tennis news, Kim Clijsters completed her comeback in spectacular after her pregnancy and semi-retirement from the sport, winning a grand slam championship with no build-up tournaments (at all). And she took out both Williams sisters along the way!

Which is really funny, considering when she was at her peak and having taken part in lots of tourneys and when she wasn’t being a mother and all, she only managed one win, for some reason.

Still, you go Kim! Comeback story of the century, man.

(Btw saw this comment on Youtube for the post-match press conference that went something like “I’m surprised that Kanye didn’t come out halfway to declare that Serena should have won!” and totally LOLed. And to make it totally weird, apparently Serena Williams was a presenter at the VMAs.)

And Federer is gunning for his 16th career grand slam and 6th consecutive US Open trophy and, with biggest opponents Djokovic, Murray and Nadal all out of the way, here’s hoping he’ll bag it. Of course, Del Potro (his opponent in the finals) is a super-tall giant with pretty decent skills himself but, I mean, c’mon, Roger did this:

This, arguably his best shot ever (he himself called it that), supposedly from a player past his physical prime and who hasn’t displayed his killer tennis in quite a while (at least not in the spectacular fashion he used to flourish it with). Greatest player of all time, y/y?


2 thoughts on “US Open.

    • Gabriel says:

      Haha it’s pure talent man. Even the pros and old classic players all agree he’s the best tennis player ever in the history of the sport haha.

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