So, the tooth/gum aches that have been troubling me for the past two weeks came to a climax two nights ago when the pain was so intense I could only manage to get to sleep at 2am, sitting straight up.

According to the dentist, I need to get two wisdom teeth taken out (one through surgery, another through extraction) and a root canal + crowning done on a decaying molar. Both processes sound expensive and terribly painful.

The worst thing was, however, that I had to wait till next Tuesday to get my wisdom teeth done (as the dentist is only in the clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays and next Monday is a public holiday) and another week to get my root canal done.

But did some magic (actually, it’s more like grovelling with the admin nurse) and managed to push my wisdom teeth extraction to tomorrow (at Hougang Mall, which is where the dentist hangs out when he’s not at Gombak station) and the root canal to next Tuesday (hopefully can remove the stitches at the same time).

It’s gonna put a dampener on my heart checkup at NUH on Friday as well as my attendance in my cell group, what with not being able to talk and all, but hey, as long as the pain is gone and I can sleep like a normal person again right?

ps. And oh man, does that mean I’m gonna look all gross and bloated and teary-eyed from Hougang all the way back to Gombak?

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