Reports are coming in that people worldwide who are getting the prerelease shipments of Zendikar boosters (the latest set in the Magic: The Gathering) are opening ancient rares from more than a decade ago (including Taiga, Mox Diamond, Ancestral Recall etc.). These cards are worth hundreds of dollars each.

I guess it’s Wizards Of The Coast’s (which produces the cards) secret way of surprising players (since there was NO NEWS about this at all prior to it) but it’s kinda cool, considering the set’s theme is about hidden treasures.

But still, imagine opening one of these cards. The chances are super slim (only one card in several booster boxes) but opening a single Mox would more than make up for the boxes.

This makes me even more pissed off that I can’t go to the Zendikar prerelease at Suntec later today since I have to mug (on top of getting the prerelease card and plane, both of which I really want). Urgh.

Info from: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=186720


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