Starbucks = good.

Yesterday, Aaron, Yu Fen and I paid a visit to the Starbucks at Jurong Point to attempt to study there and also so I could get the tumbler I’d been wanting.

So, after all my consideration, I decided that I couldn’t wait for the festive period to be over and their non-festive range to come out so I just went ahead and got a nice, festive one (which both of them assured me didn’t look Christmas-y at all and which I could use at any time of the year).

The tumbler, and my favourite drink – the iced shaken lemon tea with passion hibiscus infusion!

And the baristas at that outlet were so good! I had originally ordered a venti-sized lemon tea but I think they misread the order so I got a tall one instead. Thinking that maybe I had remembered the size of the cups wrongly (or that maybe it was a size adjustment in the festive season?), I just took it and returned to my table after handing the barista my receipt.

After a few minutes, he came over with a real venti-sized cup, apologised for the mix-up and ask me to keep both cups (the first of which I had barely even touched). So, counting the free tall beverage I got with the purchase of my tumbler and this extra free one that I got for no reason, the tumbler didn’t even cost me $5! Woo!

Side by side
The two cups side-by-side, for comparison (and, in matching colour behind the two cups, the cup of peppermint mocha that I tried out – and liked)


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