Dunkin’ Donuts!

Ok I don’t know whether this is supposed to be something everyone knows anyway (which would make me incredibly suakoo) but I only found out a few weeks ago that Dunkin’ Donuts (which is my personal favourite donut chain ever) has finally reappeared in Singapore at Ion Orchard.

My mum went for her eye checkup yesterday at Paragon so I asked her to buy some back for breakfast for these few days and she got back a whole box! If I’m not wrong it was S$1.40 for each donut and if you get five, you get an extra one free.

Clockwise, from top left: Peanut butter jelly (mine), banana (to be shared), some strawberry thing (mum’s), blackforest (to be shared; looks kinda cheapo, actually), another strawberry thing (mum’s; she loves strawberry flavoured stuff), nutty chocolate (mine).

The donuts are slightly larger than the kinds popular in Singapore nowadays (from The Donut Factory and what not, although still not as huge as the classic old-school kinds) and, as you can see, many of them have that hole in the middle (which, IIRC, has a name but it has totally slipped my mind at the moment), which makes it so much more donut-ish.

So far I’ve only tried the peanut butter jelly one (since it’s supposed to be rationed out for breakfasts). Wasn’t too bad, although the jelly (a.k.a. jam) way overpowered whatever peanut butter taste there was. (eta: Just read some reviews by Singaporeans and they all seem to be sorely disappointed at an apparently incredible drop in quality since the last time Dunkin’ Donuts was open here)

But anyway, woo to having DD back in Singapore (unless I’m mistaken and they had never actually left)!

Dunkin’ Donuts
2 Orchard Turn
B2-17 Ion Orchard
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm

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