Beautiful, just beautiful.

Marcus showed me this and I think it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s basically this whole hall of people singing the same song. I have no idea what the setting is or what the song is about (although the verse has the same tune as 动力火车’s 彩虹) or why the whole hall is singing (guess it’s some national choir meet?) but it’s just enchanting.

The song is enchanting and the fact that everyone in the hall is not only singing together in tune, but in harmony, is just amazing. Must have been really nice to be there in the hall (especially judging from all the people crying throughout the song).


4 thoughts on “Beautiful, just beautiful.

  1. kenneth. says:

    roughly translated, the title of the song is, “A Letter to your 15 year old self”. Like the title says, the song is about writing to your 15 year old self when you are older, and if i am not wrong, there is some sort of “leaving your high school” elements in it, which explains why the kids are sobbing there.

    This song was written, composed and sung by Angela Aki. You should check her out, I didnt import all her albums from Japan for nothing… hahaha!

    Apparently, she plays the piano, violin, drums and guitar on top of writing and composing songs. I have no idea why is she so talented. Sigh….

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