The power of a (squirrel) mother’s love.

So just busted my hand writing five billion words just now during my Changing Landscapes exam so I’m here in the science faculty canteen now, waiting for Aaron to finish jogging so we can go eat and also taking a break from mugging to catch up on my favourite internetz (my internet at home very suddenly just disconnected two days ago and has refused to reconnect since).

Just saw this and it is awesome. This mean, evil dog was apparently about to eat a squirrel baby.

So the mum’s all, “oh no you don’t!”.

So she actually flew down from the tree to confront this black monster which is literally ten times her size, all “hyah! Take that!”. The dog’s like “the heck?”

“Run, baby, run!”

Mission Dog-Bash accomplished, the squirrel mum returned to the tree with her baby. “Siao ar, eat my baby.”

Source: The Daily Mail


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