Cimorellis = new Osmonds/Jackson 5?

Aaron showed me this and I have to say, minus Minnie Mouse in front (weakest link please) with her random “oh oh”s, they’re really quite good.

Funniest part is at the start when they’re all “hi we’re doing Battlefield by Jordin Sparks!” and there’s this awkward edit/cut/pause, which is all “*crickets*…”


2 thoughts on “Cimorellis = new Osmonds/Jackson 5?

  1. yufen says:

    they’re only ok i think…they are so loud at certain parts it’s almost like they want to outshine each other, which isnt a purpose for a choral performance no?

  2. Gabriel says:

    Haha actually I liked their volume ratio. It was just nice for me haha. Just didn’t like the sister with her random parts.

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