Move aside, Slanket!

A few months ago, the Slanket came into popularity. Basically a wearable blanket with sleeves (hence the name), the Slanket (or Snuggie or Slankie) rose into prominence because of the utter ridiculousness of its appearance, although it sure looks like a darn good idea if it were freezing and you’re cudding up to a nice fireplace and a warm cup of cocoa.

Now, apparently, for those who still aren’t warm enough, here’s an updated version just for you:

When I first saw the Snuggie 2.0 (as I believe it’s called), my first thought was of this:

Octillery, The Jet Pokémon!

And then when Wei Jian saw it, he reminded me that there was something else even closer to it:

Source: Picture is Unrelated (pictures from The Slanket and Google Images)


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