The end of three weeks of torture.

Yay so exams have ended! Alas, the English paper was a bit of an anti-climax since I had a lot of questions I wasn’t sure about (which means I don’t even really know how well I’ve done) as well as some that I have confirmed with my friends as erroneous. Sad. Plus, this sem I’m quite sure I won’t be seeing any As since, even for those exams that I thought I did ok for, during the course of the semester I’ve gotten at least one bum grade for each module. I’ll be glad if I get to see any B+s.

But oh well. I’ve tried my best. Didn’t really study all that smart but studied really hard so I guess I have nothing to regret, no matter how well I do.

Anyways, after the exam yesterday, to commence my post-exam celebrations, I went to Fish & Co at West Coast Plaza with the 2Ms – Marcus and Melissa – for some tunch/lea bites. No pictures of food but here’s one of me with the first two friends I’ve made in NUS:

After that, we walked around, trying to find some stuff for Marcus to buy (but, as usual with planned shopping, it didn’t work out). Did get my Rock Band guitar and Band Hero though. And even had a pleasant surprise when the guy told me that the guitar was S$69 (instead of the S$99 I had heard on the phone) and the cashier gave me a membership discount for the game (from S$80++ to S$79).

And, after catching up on this week’s X Factor (Joe finally overcome his too-technical perfectness and Broadway delivery style to deliver a pair of knock out performances, for me. Joe FTW!) and getting a good night’s sleep, I headed down with Marcus to his friend’s mum’s home salon at Yew Tee.

For the first time, a hairdresser has followed my earnest imploring to cut my hair really short (the previous few refused to cut it shorter than this beng-ish length). She cut my hair really really short. Will take a while to get used to it but I like it. It’s very cooling.

So, since my holiday has started, people, please book me for hanging out, Rock Band-ing and non-stop K-ing!


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