Glee s01e12 – Mattress review.

(Please excuse the ugly-looking title font thing. I’ve totally lost all my Photoshop tricks and I haven’t been able to figure out Gimp as of yet).

So, this week’s a pretty big one in terms of plot development (for a change). The yearbook picture is coming up at McKinley High and Sue, under the guise of depriving others of a chance to deface the glee club’s photo (as was apparently the case in previous years), convinces Principal Figgins (which is apparently his full name, according to the cheque Schue wrote) to remove them totally from the yearbook. Both Schue and Rachel are (predictably) indignant while the other Glee kids are actually fine with the lack of potential defacement.

While fussing over the whole thing and stressing out, Schue chances upon crazy wife’s fake pregnancy pad in the cupboard, the truth dramatically showing in what is easily this season’s most dramatic and serious scene yet. Also, Rachel (who’s been unanimously voted to captaincy and sent to take the photo alone) randomly clinches a commercial deal for the club and Quinn, determined to appear in the Cheerios’ yearbook photo, has a showdown of her own with Sue and unexpectedly saves the day.

Random points/observations about this week’s episode:
-Yay for actual plot development and not just another (in the words of the TWoP recappers) “Very Special Episode”.
-Ok I know USD325 ain’t small change but it isn’t that big an amount, especially considering Schue has been teaching for years and crazy wife had that little stint as crazy school nurse.
-GayLesbAll? Awesomeness (especially with Rachel’s “duh” face and Kurt’s “whatevs” eye-roll)
Knowing that their relationship is a sensitive issue and that they can’t seem to control their primal urges when alone, why does Schue keep going to Bambi’s office and hanging out all day long?
-Re: ‘Smile’ (Lily Allen version): Why does Rachel need to sing a song with Finn (albeit an aptly-titled one) to teach him how to smile and why was it all touchy-feely and flirty and nobody seemed to mind, especially considering last week’s Rachel Newton-John debacle?
-The photographer is the lisping, annoying nerd (well, one of them, anyways) from The Big Bang Theory! Random guest-star ftw.
-So, everyone’s excited about…mattresses? Was there some bed-craze insurgence that I didn’t know about?
-Puck’s “we just lost our jobs *pause* at the factory” (not to mention Rachel’s crazy chipper ad pitch) made me lol.
-Not to get all technical, but how exactly did they get instrumentation for the song at a commercial shoot like on the spot?
-The ‘Jump’ sequence looked awesome fun to shoot (although poor Wheels got relegated totally to the back of the screen). And whoa, I want one of those trampoline-mattresses. Looks bouncy.
-Why was Will so flustered up about a pocket square (whatever that is)? I know the mood was supposed to set up the discovery scene but it seemed kinda weird that he would be so worked up over such a small thing.
-Yay to the stupid fake pregnancy finally being revealed (although I cannot believe that Will hadn’t been able to figure it out yet), although it was totally sudden and came out of nowhere (with no prior leadup at all in previous or even the earlier parts of this episode).
-And wow to the emotionally-charged scene between Schue and crazy wife that seems kinda out of place given the campy fun of the series in general and the fluff mood of this episode in particular. Kudos to the two actors for some pretty decent acting, though.
-I can’t believe the kids got paid in mattresses. That’s…sad.
-And I can’t believe that Schue saw the mattresses, didn’t know where they came from or who they were for, just decided to take one, rip open the plastic wrapping (!!!) and use it to sleep on.
-Wait, so what exactly does it mean that Will can’t go to sectionals? Does that mean he’s off the club or something? I mean, it’s not like he actually does anything during the actual performances right?

Songs performed this week:

Smile (Lily Allen version): As I mentioned earlier, this song kinda seemed random and redundant (not to mention awkwardly flirtatious) in the scene that it was performed. And hello, did either Rachel or Finn actually read the lyrics? (Probably not. Just stopped at the title, I suppose). Still, not a bad rendition, if unremarkable. B-

Jump (Van Halen version): I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of the original song and, having heard the studio version of the song before watching the episode, I didn’t really like it, although it is pretty Glee-ish, I guess. After watching the commercial scene, though, I find myself liking the song more and more. It’s pretty catchy and lively and, even if totally bubblegum-popified, is a delightfully cheerful, camp song fitting with the group (kudos to Aretha Mercedes’ crazy wailing at the end). B

Smile (apparently Charlie Chaplin’s version, although covered like a billion times on all the Idol shows): Beautiful, simply-done and the lyrics and theme of the song actually fit the scene it was in pretty well (the whole picture vandalism part at the end was sad and depressing). One of my favourites so far. A-

So, how’d you feel this episode went? For me, for actual plot development, some great scenes and decent, if slightly undernumbered compared to previous weeks, songs (especially compared to the travesty that was ‘Crazy In Love/Hair’), I’d give the episode a B+ overall. Just needed to iron out the weird kinks and have a few more songs and I would have given it an A. Oh well.

Next week, sectionals! Finally, after all that “sectionals are just few weeks away” every single week. And it’s going to be the last episode of Glee till like April (which is sad), when it’s going to return just in time to distract me from studying for the Apr/May exams.


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