A day of food and fun.

Mel and I (after overshooting the correct station and having to backtrack) went over to Marcus’ for a hearty meal cooked up by the chef-in-secret. And a hearty meal it was.

Pasta with beef steak (for us guys), salad and homemade mango-milk ice, which was amazing.

The pasta was springy and tasty and the beef, although Marcus insisted was medium-well-done, was pretty chewy and had a slight raw-ish texture.

The salad, with just the right amount of dressing and huge croutons.

So, after stuffing ourselves silly with restaurant-quality food (thanks Marcus for fattening us up!) and admiring his two-room-sized bedroom, with the huge bed, huge table (I want), powerful Bose sound system and super cute, super docile dog, we headed over to my place, leaving just in time to get rained on.

Played Band Hero for the entire afternoon before continuing to stuff ourselves with fried chips and butter shortbread and messing around with taking photos on the Mac. Took us a billion tries but finally managed to save a polaroid from the Poladroid programme (apparently mine is spoilt and could save photos selected for polaroiding but not those that were dragged and dropped).

The final product.

Also, managed to sell them some of the books in my sales pile (which I had actually given up all hope of moving) so woo to them being awesome buyers! All in all, a fun day!

More photos here.


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