X Factor Live Results 9

And the person leaving the X Factor tonight is…


Well, wasn’t expecting that. Despite his unpopularity, I honestly thought all the hyperbole the judges placed on him and all the hype would bring him to the finals. Oh well, I did put him at second choice to leave.

Ok then, next week: Joe FTW! I’m kind of scared though. Joe, being the underdog who’s only recently started getting so much coverage and fans, needs to really bring it, because Olly and Stacey are so freakin’ popular (heck, Stacey’s never been in bottom two ever, despite her earlier meh performances).

ps. Did anyone see Lady Gaga‘s performance on the results show? Singing was a bit off (especially compared to Rihanna who, usually terrible live, managed a surprisingly good ‘Russian Roulette‘ last week), maybe cause she was standing in a freakin’ bathtub, but loved her Batman/Catwoman suit. And, seriously, how does X Factor get so many huge stars to appear on it when American Idol only gets random has-beens even in its finals?


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