Pokémon, gotta catch em’ all!

Having spent the past few days marathon-ing the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl season, I decided, on a whim, to go see if there’re any covers (acoustic or otherwise) of the theme song, which I believe would be familiar not only to fans but anybody of my generation as well.

Expecting videos like this (which, by the way, is a MUST SEE because it will change your life), which there’re admittedly quite a lot of, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the covers I found.

The following one is pretty good, with decent instrumental and a nice, if slightly fast, arrangement. The guy has a pretty good voice (and falsetto) too, though he does majorly flub a note (although he does annotate it as “epic fail” so it’s still awesome):

After that, I found another pretty interesting one. While just a decent singer (although I think his voice is pretty good in the higher register), what I really like about this one is the instrumental arrangement, which is sadder and more alternative sounding, which is really cool:

And here’s a piano (instead of guitar) version which is pretty dramatic (and his voice sounds like it’s dying) but good (do check out his other songs. I’ve been subscribing to him for a while and he’s pretty good):

The next one isn’t a solo acoustic cover but rather a band performance. But it’s really cool as well. There’s a full band, which includes a pianist, a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and a singer who’s actually pretty impressive (especially compared to the many “singers” of bands on Youtube). Would love to do this if I was in a band:

Of course, there’re also a cappella versions of the theme song. While most of the ones I found were pretty bad (obviously because no one took it seriously), the following one was really good (love how they replaced the “do-do-do”s with “Jigglypuff”:

And the last one I found isn’t a cover of the theme song at all. Rather, it is a rock interpretation of the Pokémon Centre theme, which would be familiar to anyone who’s played the game. Again, very cool:

For those who still want to listen to the theme song but don’t want to hear any voices, there’re some pretty good fully-instrumental versions out there, including a violin solo and a piano one.

And, for those of you who didn’t check out the MUST-SEE “cover” I posted right at the top of the page, here’s your chance to take a look at not only one of the most original Pokémon theme song covers, but one of the most original covers of any song on Youtube, I’ve ever seen (warning: not safe for life):

EMBEDDED VIDEO REMOVED [Ok apparently embedding was disabled by request for the last video so just click here to go to the page on Youtube. MUST-WATCH. You won’t regret it ;)]


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