Bumper crop at Kinokuniya!

Pictured above is the product of me going out of my mind at the Kinokuniya members’ sale and buying more books in a day than I’ve bought in the entire year so far. Still, despite plonking down S$200 for the crop (which is the most I’ve ever spent on books at one shot), I’m very very happy with every single one. No second thoughts about any of them at all (which is rare, given my fondness for impulsive buys).

Most of them are non-fiction (I usually don’t buy fiction, unless I really like the book or want to collect it, since I can borrow those from the library and won’t touch them again after a single read-through) and even the novels (all Magic: the Gathering novelizations) are ones that I’ve been wanting to add to my collection for the longest time. Happy!


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