Gatherings and more gatherings.

The past few days have been pretty hectic. A few days ago I received news of my granduncle’s passing away. While I’ve already espoused on the philosophical insights a death usually brings a few weeks ago when my uncle passed, I’d just like say RIP to granduncle Tham and I hope and pray that you’re in a better, happier place now.

Other than attending the wake and funeral services, I’ve also met up with several friends over the last few days. While the timing of these meetings came at what some might call an inopportune time, I guess it’s also a chance for me to take life by its reins and spend time with friends and loved ones as much as possible. After all, attending a wake does have that sobering, carpe diem effect on you.

More after the break!

Who: Darren + Nicole, Grace, Lynn, Say Wee, me
What: Book shopping + dinner + chillout
When: 22/12/09 night
Where: Kinokuniya Takashimaya, The Coffee Connoisseur Wisma and then Starbucks Wisma

More photos here and here.

Who: Adelene, Vera, Rhonda, Wai Lreng, Yu Fen, me
What: Supper + photo taking + chatter
When: 22/12/09 night
Where: Lao Pa Sat, followed by the Clarke Quay and the Esplanade

More photos here.

Who: Ervin, Melissa, Marcus, me
What: Marcus’ concert + Timbre (just Mel and me)
When: 23/12/09 night
Where: Victoria Concert Hall, followed by Timbre Substation

I only have one photo from Marcus’ concert (the one right above this is from his camera) because my camera konked out on me inexplicably after that one photo. It has since decided to repair itself and is now working fine again. Thanks, camera, for your impeccable timing.


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