Looking back at 2009.

As is common practice (and who am I to stand up to conformity?), now that the year is drawing to a close, it’s time for the obligatory retrospective look at 2009.

Of course, since 2009 is also the end of the first decade of the millennium, many people are doing decade coverage posts as well. But, seeing as how the 2000s would represent nearly half my lifetime and that a post like that would take take approximately two weeks to write and another two to read, I’d spare everyone the torture and just concentrate on 2k9. Also, I’m lazy.

Like I mentioned in my ns.sg post, 2009 has been a heck of an eventful year. While Obama stepped in as the latest president of the US of A, Kanye stunned audiences with his viral speech of the year and celebrities dropped like flies, I was having some exciting changes in my personal life as well (especially coming off boring 2008, which fell smack in the middle of my NS career and was basically an entire year spent in camp being all soldier-ish).

Hit the break for a full breakdown of 2009, from Gabriel’s perspective!

In 2009, I…

Got a new camera

-Switched from Livejournal (where I was for two years, not counting a short stint on blogger) to Tumblr, and then to WordPress

-Took part in my first Magic: The Gathering prerelease tournament (and actually won some packets!)

-Got my HDTV and PS3

-Fought ATEC, cleared my IPPT with a silver, cleared my SOC and failed my LAB inspection

-Ended my two years of service for the nation and ORDed!

-Bit the bullet and signed up for (and completed) a basic tennis lesson package

Turned 22

-Got my Macbook Pro and iPod Nano

-Went to China with my parents for a vacation

-Experienced the horrors of module bidding for the first time

-Started university life!

-Joined a new cell group at NUS

-Mugged the hardest I’ve done in my life for midterms and exams

-Got my wisdom teeth taken out after a whole slew of dental torture

Ran the Yellow Ribbon Run

Ran the Nike Human Race 2009

Set up my own domain

-Got back my very first university results

Experienced death in the family and several close shaves

Spent a lot of time with friends (way too many gatherings to link here fully)

Spent a lot of money (Rock Band, for one, has taken up hundreds. So has M:tG)

(And I’m sure I missed out some events. These are just the ones that I came across in my blogs)

Resolutions (i.e. report card for the year)

I’m only doing quantitative resolutions since they’re measurable. For the qualitative resolutions, let’s just say I’m a work in progress. For the list of resolutions, go here. (Resolutions met in bold, resolutions partially met in italics)

Read 40 books (Whew, I finished exactly 40 books, although I’m halfway through my 41st right now)
Save S$3000 (only saved about S$2k, thanks to crazy spending habits)
Get a silver for my IPPT
Clear my SOC
Get a marksman for combat shoot (I got a personal marksman score but didn’t get marksman in the end due to group score)
Do my quiet time every single day excepting circumstances like outfields and what-nots
Attend church every single week excepting circumstances
Learn to play the guitar, with at least 5 songs mastered (self-learnt the basics, but haven’t mastered any song yet)
Take tennis lessons, finishing at least a beginner’s package
-Bring at least 3 non-believers to church (alas, failed at this one)
-Attend every single cell group session excepting circumstances (definitely didn’t do this one man. Need to buck up next year)
-Run (and complete) the Standard Chartered Marathon (didn’t run for it this year but I did take part in a few 10km runs, as stated above)

So, ok, now that I’ve written it out, it doesn’t seem like I’ve gone through that many things this year. Still, it was pretty hectic compared to last year (btw, not doing the top 3 lists this year because I’ve been so immersed in entertainment and pop culture the whole year that it’d be a headache to choose just three for each category), especially with my change of status from soldier to civilian and embarking on my new academic life.

It’s hard to believe that, at the start of the year, I was still in camp, preparing for the major outfield exercises and still yearning for my ORD, months away. Or that I actually still spent half of 2009 in camp. Army seemed like such a long time ago.

How was your 2009?


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