And, of course, after the obligatory wrap-up of the previous year, there has to be the resolutions list for the new year. Some people would argue that resolutions are useless, seeing as most people don’t achieve them or even remember them by, like, April.

Still, like I said here, even if we don’t follow our resolutions to the T, we can at least use them as rough guidelines and motivators to live our coming year. After all (at least for most of them), it’s not the result that totally matters, but the idea behind the resolution in the first place.

(Of course, we still have to be specific for several goals since specific targets are much better at motivation than vague resolutions)

So, therefore, in 2010, I resolve to…

-Read 45 books (met last year’s target of 40 so I’m gonna up it and make sure I stay well-read)
-Save $3000 (didn’t meet it last year but that’s cause I spent excessively. $3k would be painful to save but that’s what it’s all about right? No pain, no gain, as they say)
-Get a silver for my IPPT
-Do quiet time every single day, circumstances allowing
-Attend church every Sunday, circumstances allowing
-Attend every single cell group session, circumstances allowing
-Bring at least three friends to church
-Join a ministry in church
-Run in the Sundown Marathon (at least 10km)
-Run in the Standard Chartered Marathon (at least 10km)
-Get on the Dean’s List at least once
-Do well enough in PL2131 to qualify for psych major declaration
-Achieve at least a cumulative cap of 4.2
-Join a CCA/club
-Play at least 10 songs comfortably and pleasantly on the guitar
-Go overseas for a holiday at least once

-Think before I speak (important, this one)
-Be sensitive to other peoples’ feelings
-Eat healthily and binge/spoil myself not more than once every fortnight
-Practise cautious spending
-Not get angry/frustrated/irritated so easily
-Exercise regularly
-Stop procrastinating
-Put my best into everything I do
-Be contented
-Live like a Christian
-Be there for others

What are your resolutions for 2010?


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